Van Gogh#146;s dream Van Gogh#146;s dream

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Van Gogh’s dream on the iPad

“One day, I believe I will have an exhibition of my own in a café.”

It was on the 10th of June 1890, not long before his death, that Vincent van Gogh wrote of his desire to have his own exhibition in a café. For many years now, the Institut Van Gogh, under the guidance of its president, Dominique-Charles Janssens, has been striving to fulfill the Dutch painter’s wish by exhibiting his work in an artist’s café.
The Auberge Ravoux, a French historic landmark in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise, is the ideal setting for such an undertaking: one painting alone would suffice to transform Van Gogh’s tiny attic room, left intact since his death in 1890, into “a room with a view”, and the smallest museum in the world.
Dr Wouter van der Veen, the internationally renowned specialist on the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, is the scientific advisor providing his support and expertise to this undertaking.

The iPad : a new window onto the life & work of Van Gogh

Throughout his life, Vincent van Gogh strove to use the most advanced techniques to promote the distribution of his art. It is thus fitting that, faithful to this spirit of innovation, we at Mnestra have combined forces with the Institut Van Gogh to develop an application for the iPad.
This application will be called “Van Gogh’s Dream” and will be available by November 24th on the App Store.
With the aid of this new technology, three dimensions can now be incorporated – picture, movement and sound – to allow the user to experience and appreciate the different aspects and characteristics of the work of Van Gogh.
Proceeds from the sales of the “Van Gogh’s Dream” application will go to the Institut Van Gogh. Lovers of Van Gogh can thus admire his talent, while helping to fulfill his last wish – a touchingly humble wish from the genius who created Wheatfield with Crows.

Van Gogh's Dream App Teaser from Van Gogh's Dream on Vimeo.